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Our Story

This is the chance for the environmentally-conscious shopper to be the first to own the future of shopping, now

Shoppacart was established by husband and wife, Jeanne & Jeff O’Donnell with the inspiration coming from Jeanne struggling to remember to take her reusable shopping bags to the supermarket for her twice-weekly shop which became a problem when the Western Australian Government put a ban on single-use plastic bags.

Conscious of the impact single-use plastic has on the environment, and frustrated by forgetting her bags once again, Jeanne thought “why can’t people just have their own personal shopping trolley and then they wouldn’t need bags” and so, with encouragement from her husband and a team of local designers behind her, Jeanne, Jeff and Form Designs turned a simple trolley dream, into reality!

Jeanne, above all, is a mother and grandmother and knows full well how shopping has become more about the experience so the Shoppacart includes accessories such as a coffee cup holder, secure space to keep your purse, lower shelf for bulky items and a mobile phone mount. There is also plenty of room to accommodate a big family shop and makes going from retailer to retailer an easy to navigate situation.

Shoppacart is a small, start-up company that has put several years of research and trial and error into a never-been-done-before product, resulting in a high-quality, personal shopping trolley that has been designed to last a lifetime. During the development of the Shoppacart, the world was hit with a pandemic which made the need for a personal-use shopping trolley even greater than before.

“The only way to truly make sure your trolley is germ-free, is to be the only person using it”

Cleaning public trolleys has become a daily occurrence, and more than ever it is vital that trolleys are free from bacteria and viruses; the easiest way to ensure this is to have your own personal one, as opposed to countless members of the public having contact with carts and that’s where Shoppacart comes in.

We are so proud of the Shoppacart and how far we have come. We can’t wait to see you walking the aisles with your very own Shoppacart and hope it makes your daily routine a little more fun!

Jeanne and Jeff x